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St. Mark’s Place

Anglican Church of Canada

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Visit Us at St. Mark’s Place

corner of W.2nd and Larch St.

 St. Mark’s  Place is located at 1805 Larch Street, at West 2nd Avenue in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 


We are on the west side of the city in the neighbourhood of Kitsilano.


Join us on Sunday for worship at our 9:30 am Community Mass, housed at 2950 Laurel Street at West 14th Ave. in Vancouver, at  St. Mary Magdalene.



The building is fully wheelchair accessible and

wheelchair friendly bathrooms are available on both floors.


The office is usually open Monday to Thursday, 12 noon to 3 pm


Call the office if you would like to visit us at any other time or if you would like to meet with one of our staff.           604-736-2838

How to get here


By Bus  (buses on these routes are wheelchair and stroller friendly and carry bikes)


   Route 002 MacDonald to 16th Ave/Burrard Stn. and 022 Knight/MacDonald

      East bound stop—MacDonald at 2nd Ave. Walk up (east) 2nd Ave. for three blocks.

      West bound stop—MacDonald at 1st Ave. Walk up (east) 2nd Ave. for three blocks.

   Route 004 UBC/Phibbs Exchange

      East & West bound stop—4th Ave. at Balsam St., 1 block east of Larch.

   Route 084 UBC/VCC Station express bus

      East & West bound stop—4th Ave. at Vine St., 2 blocks east of Larch.


By Bike. Bicycle racks are available at the 2nd Ave. entrance to the Church.


By Car. Parking is available off of the lane on the south side and under the Church,

      and on the street.

map of areawheelchair accessible

St. Mary Magdalene’s Church      Phone:  604-877-1788                 Weekly Schedule: Sunday       10:30 am   Community Mass

mailing address:                                     Fax:      604-736-2845                                                   Monday         7:00 pm   Centering Prayer

2950 Laurel Street,                                 E-mail: office@stmarymags.ca                                     Wednesday   7:00 pm   Contemplative Eucharist

Vancouver, BC                                       www.stmarymags.ca                                                      Thursday      2:00 pm   Centering Prayer

Canada, V5Z 3T3